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The Pros of Online Education...

on Monday, 20 May 2013. Posted in blog

Oline education requires much more discipline and self-motivation than
Online Student Oline education requires much more discipline and self-motivation than traditional face-to-face courses. With this in mind, many students will ask themselves what are the advantages of studying online? Here are a few of them for your consideration: Online Student 1- It’s cheaper: Studying online enables you to cut costs and save a lot of money. First of all, you don’t pay for transportation. Second, since you don’t need to live on or near a college campus, you save on housing and other costs associated with living expenses. 2- It’s accomodating: Online education is very convenient. Since you're not confined to a classroom, YOU’RE the one who decides when and where YOU want to study. You can even schedule your studying around your work or social schedule, and decide exactly at what speed you’d like to go over the material. 3- Improving your computer skills: Studying online will give you other learning benefits as well. It enables you to improve your Internet skills, broaden your office software knowledge, and much more, all while you’re studying what you’re majoring in. 4- 24/7 access: Sometimes students forget about the spoken material in the classroom, maybe because of distractions, missed classes, fatigue or simple boredom. Online education lets you read and re-read lectures, discussions, explanations and comments any time you need. 5-You’re not being babysitted: While doing your classwork, studying, or taking a quiz there won’t be anyone sitting next to you checking up or making sure you’re doing the required work. You are the master of your own education.

Find the colleges located in your state

Find the colleges located in your state
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